Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paid to Answer Question

Hi, as I have told you I will send you the link how to make money online. Last June 18, 2011, I joined to a site to make some money online. We are all wanted to have an extra income and while surfing our net.

I wanted to clear this all to you that I am not scamming you. Honestly I told you to e-mail me to be my referral, honestly speaking and to share a good site which pays to answer questions. They are paying you .20 dollars each question you answered.

In one day joining the site, I have made 3.20 dollars although I have answered 57 questions. I was a bit doubtful about my earnings, but to an answer to my question has come.

When you are are asked by a co expert, there is no payment for that. So that is, anyway you can try to check your account.

Here is the link;

You are logged in and waiting for a conversation
  • You will be asked to join a Weegy or Weegy Pro conversation only if this page is open.

  • Keep your sound turned on. You'll be notified about new conversations with a ding.

  • When notified, accept the conversation quickly. You'll only have 15 seconds to accept.

  • Thank you for contributing!

1. Register.
2. confirm.
3. Log in.
4. Click the expert bar.
5. Just let the weegy site open and set aside while surfing your other site.

Wait a bit of seconds to hear a bing. Keep your sounds tuned on. Once you hear the bing, immediately go the weegy window and click accept to answer the question.

Please do not delay on clicking weegy window once it bings, or else you will lose your question and your points and so your chance for earnings.

That's all thanks.
Happy earnings.